Dear Sir/Madam,

We at are immensely proud to acquaint you to our newly launched company “Kreta Hoi Hoi”. You will be delighted to hear that as one of the country’s largest e-commerce marketplace and classified site will contribute to the expansion as well as to the extension of your businesses. Indeed, this will add to a new era of hope to the current e-commerce sites in South Asia.


We're here to help you grow your business!

You can easily grow your business by sharing with us a very small Percentage of commission.

Since we are just starting our journey, we are currently charging only 10% commission of total profit money of seller each monthly. 

There are 5 easy steps you can do business with us.

  1. Open Seller account.
  2. Decorate the store.
  3. Upload product.
  4. Adjust the commission rate of product.
  5. Prepare your product as soon as when customer asks.
  6. Accept price from us.

1.     First download the PDF agreement form then Seal and sign the form. Please keep this paper carefully until our representative takes it from you.

2.     Sign Up for create your seller account with all the information.

3.     Call customer care 09613-821111 and dial 104 extension directly to confirm successfully setup your seller Account.

4.     Please check your inbox for confirmation mail, if you dosent see any mail from us then please check Spam.

5,     For approve vendor account we take 12 huors for verify, so please check mail after 12 hour.

6.     After approve please update your account with all information like, store name, facebook account, page, contact number, bank account number or bkash. 


  • There are more than 100 employees across Dhaka city to help you expand your business through online.
  • Brand your store and product through us for free
  • We have skilled digital marketing experts who can help you sell your product at double the speed
  • You can show your targeted product on our home page for free.
  • We always try to make daily payments every day settlement
    • With the help of our website, the customers will be able to contact you and your company.
    • Besides live message chat option we are yet to add live video chat option into our apps and site so that the customers can share their experiences with the other customers. Yet, this will bring about a revolutionary change in the e-commerce sites.
    • We will also include a latest GPS live tracking feature in our apps which will ensure the safely delivery of your products.
    • It is our responsibility to make the pop-up ads, promotional video banner ad of your shop.
    • We also offer weekly bumper named Kreta Hoi Hoi offer on every Friday for two hours in which the customer can be offered up to 50% discount.
    • We will also make advert for your shop alongside making add our website.
    • We will choose one lucky owner of the shop from your market to help make the advert for their shop.
    • We have our one professional female host who will visit your shop and give review on the products of your shop on our Facebook page.
    • Every month one of the Celebrity Singers or Actors of Bangladesh will do the marketing for your shop on our website. Your customer will also have the chance to meet them or take the photos