Walton WWP-RO13L Water Purifier & Dispenser

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 - Wall-Mountable and aesthetically designed with water level indicator
   - 8 stages purification system
   - Tank Storage Capacity: 13 Liter
   - Technology: RO + UF +UV + OrpH+

- Wall-Mountable and aesthetically designed with water level indicator
- 8 stages purification system
- Combination of RO (Reverse Osmosis) + UV (Ultra Violet) + UF (Ultra Filtration) Technology
- Removes bacteria, inorganic contaminants, chlorine, odor, smell and suspending particles from water
- Storage tank capacity: 13 Liter
- LED to indicate Filter Change Requirement
- Computer Controlled operation with UV failed alarm
- The Revolutionary OrpH+ technology for adding essential mineral
- Suitable for any source of feed water (having TDS < 2000ppm)
- Automatic flashing removes impurities from membrane to enhance its life time
- Automatic water level sensor for ON/OFF
- Food Graded ABS used for housing

Warranty Information:
- Main Parts: 6 Months (RO membrane) 
- Spare Parts: 
6 Months (Water pump, Power supply, Low pressure switch, Flash valve, Float switch, Inlet solenoid valve)
- After Sales Service:1 Year
- Free Installation

Technical Specification:
 Parameter Description
 Technology RO + UF +UV + OrpH+
 RO Membrane 1812 - 75 GPD
 Purified Water Rate 15Liter/Hour (Approx.)
 TDS Reduction 90% (Approx.)
 Purification Stages 8 Stages
 Filters RO, UV, UF, OrpH+, Pre-filter, Sediment, Pre-carbon, Anti -Scalant
 Booster pump 75 GPD
 OrpH+ (Antioxidant cartridge) YES
 LED indication YES
 UV Lamp power 11 W
 Auto Flush YES
 Tank Storage Capacity 13 Liter (Approx.)
 Max duty cycle 75 Liter / Day
 Minimum inlet water pressure / Temperature 0.3Kg/cm² (4.27 psi) / 10°C
 Maximum inlet water pressure / Temperature 3Kg/cm² (42.7 psi) / 35°C
 Input Voltage 220V ± 10V AC
 Operating Frequency 50 Hz
 Operating Voltage 24V, DC
 Power Consumption 50 W
 Dimensions 445 x 280 x 548
 Weight 11 Kg (Approx.)

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