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Shunruixl-888 is a hair dryer, present with a high power motor, which can produce a very strong wind. Notes: The number of this product model isxl-888 Features 2000w power This hair dryer uses 2000w to produce hot winds that can quickly dry your hair. High power wind This hair dryer emits a strong wind that allows hair to dry faster than any other dryer, and your hair will remain soft because the resulting wind will not damage your hair. Safety element. This hair dryer is made of quality material, it 's also heat resistant. It gives you extra security when using this hair dryer. Comfortable design A comfortable design you can get from hair dryerini products, simple and light so that you can easily dry your hair. Package contents. The stuff you get in the product box: 1 x shunrui quick dry + Hair dryer air nozzles The youtube video below is just a function illustration and product use. We don 't guarantee our stuff 100% is similar to the product in that youtube video. Shunrui quick dry specs + Hair dryer air nozzles - xl-888 Voltage 220v 50hz (us plug) Dimensions 24x9.9x27cm
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