Electronics Devices

OFF 8%
৳4,990.00 ৳4,590.80

Walton PRIMO E12 Smart Phone

Club Point: 49.90
OFF 8%
৳26,999.00 ৳24,839.08

Walton PRIMO ZX4 Smart Phone

Club Point: 269.99
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৳20,990.00 ৳19,310.80

Walton PRIMO S8 Smart Phone

Club Point: 209.90
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৳7,499.00 ৳6,899.08

Walton Primo GM4 Smart Phone

Club Point: 74.99
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৳69,950.00 ৳64,354.00

Walton KARONDA WK156H7B Laptop

Club Point: 699.50
OFF 8%
৳119,950.00 ৳110,354.00

Walton Karonda GX710G Pro Laptop

Club Point: 1199.50
OFF 8%
৳79,990.00 ৳73,590.80

Walton Karonda GX510H Laptop

Club Point: 799.90
OFF 8%
৳38,950.00 ৳35,834.00

Walton PASSION BP3800 Laptop

Club Point: 389.50

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